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Jim, It was late and i was thinking back about those great times during the 70's San Antonio metel scene. So i entered this description and look what i found !!!! An old friends name and picture along with a great article that only a person who grew up in San Antonio during that time would understand. Thanks for the ride down memory lane. Hope your life is wonderful !!! Orlando ( orly ) Pacheco

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Forever young.

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So sad those times are forever gone...


If you were just a bit older, you would remember that there was no Judas Priest at the time Joe and Lou got started. I remember a playlist that ranged from Sabbath and Zeppelin to Dylan and T.S. McFea, as well as Captain Beyond to Queen. One standout memory is of the early Thin Lizzy album, 'Vagabonds of the Western World'.

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It is a simple way to give your customers more information and not detract from the presentation of your package.

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Alienation sucks!!!

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