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28 September 2010



nice one, jimmy. and disgustingly typical. talk about right-wing....what, it's OKAY to shoot an unarmed guy three times? with or without the arizona law, that says a lot about US t.v.'s ideas of "justice". frankly i am just sick to death of all the shows about cops. cops, cops, and more cops, that is television. and they are always good looking, and always right, and heaven forbid we hold them accountable to murder. i wonder how much this show you mention was inspired by the oscar grant shooting in oakland?

keep it up carnal.


thanks for the recap. much better than having to actually watch the show. just goes to show that having a brown face on the screen isn't enough if there are no writers, directors, tv execs who are are also brown. all you get is law and order meets chico and the man.

You Can Do It

That's a nice collection.

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