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30 September 2010



What a crock of shit!! It's ridiculous that the goverment can get away with this bullshit. I've been pulled over and asked for my "status" by someone who spoke broken up English. I guess we're not as free as we think. FUCK THE MIGRA!

Ener Sagrav

Lawsuit!!!! Fuck La Migra!!!! Que Chingen a Su Madre!!!


Where are those militia weirdos when our freedoms really ARE under attack?

La Becky

I want more crime blotter reports about the life of GIAC.

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that's so ridiculous!

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I think that all states can created general driving law in all states. It'll be better.

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I completely agree with you. I have no point to raise in against of what you have said I think you explain the whole situation very well

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This discussion was good, but left out one important factor in getting a sense of the thought process of the police, which is that at no time was Shankar asked what kind of car he was driving. Sad as it is, the police reaction to a dark-skinned man driving a top-end BMW will differ from if he's driving a Volkswagen...or a Cadillac, for that matter. An important element to truly analyzing these events, in my opinion.

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It's super ridiculous but it's good to know that though. If you live in Florida, you can be stopped for questioning, never knew that

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group of centurions faces prosecution for mounting an assault on brother officers just a few paces from the Forum.

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group of centurions faces prosecution for mounting an assault on brother officers just a few paces from the Forum.

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