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13 July 2009


El Profe

His tweet doesn't even make sense. He can't find bilingual people to help him organize a coherent thought before he tries pandering?

Carlos Guerra, columnist, San Antonio Express-News

When el Newt was speaker of the House, his office sent out a news release that said it came from, "La Oficina de el Hablador de la Casa." I wrote about it and gave him a tip of the hat for truth in advertising.


Nice catch, haha.

I wonder what kind of people are actually subscribed to him in Spanish.


i think spanish is a beautiful language!I would love to learn it.And some of the best looking people in hollywood are spanish.I have noticed the best workers that work for my brothers construction company(and the nicest)are the mexicans,they do their work and treat my mother and myself with kindness when they come to get their checks.It saddens me to see how alot of the mexicans here in Tennessee are treated.

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