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26 March 2008



Gracias as ever for holding it down for the home team. But I wonder if there are two market forces missing. Latinos, for the most, see films as family units who have a wide range of education and language acquisition so we tend to action and comedy. Seeing the gay porn 300 at the Vista opening weekend was beyond Freudian for me. I think it was the brown dollar that put the recent Alvin n the Chipmunks into the Top 10 the weekend it opened. And Spy Kids remains the latino cultural product for the screen that actually played to latinos en masse. The indie market, which is the market for the US Latino maker, is widely a white upper-middle class audience affair, pace all the zany, goofy, off-beat and other cloying adjectives family dysfunctional affairs that they popularize (Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, blah blah). I wonder why Miguel Arteta's work didnt enter your discussion - since he glides between the brown (Star Maps, Ugly Betty) to whitey (The Good Girl, Six Feet Under) with what looks like the greatest of ease. Sorry to be so heavy with the reception theory but it seems to me if we insist on making work which situates ourselves (and by this "us" I mean makers working predominantly in English and with some level of higher ed) we will hear back from producers that we don't sound like their maid. Si senor?

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