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20 October 2011


freelance writer

I'll be wanting that award too...hahaha...

Antonio Perales Hierro

I am a Chicano, pleased, proud and priveleged to carry KEN BURNS HATES MEXICANS as a 'feed' to my own blog, xlowridder times pancho villa. I had six uncles and cousins of the notable Perales clan of Riverside, California serving in the United Sates Marines Corps at Iwo Jima, Saipan, Tarawa, Guadalcanal, and Attu and Kiska in the Aleutians, while my father Frank Perales fought in France and Germany with Patton"s Third Army--they all came back to find that our varrios were still under the heel of the cowardly and all consuming southern Califas citrus industry, whose bigoted and oppressive segregated schools I attended. I was five years old on June 3rd, 1943, the day the "Zoot-Suit Riots", (actually berserk racist gringo soldiers and sailors) assaulted our communities in Los Angeles and various local varrios, dragging our gente out of theaters and trollies, and even their private homes to abuse and assault them. My gente came back from war with more medals per capita than gringos, a fact I love to share with my detractors. I was there in 1945 when my tia Lupe was visited in the early hours by her betrothed's family who came to inform of his death in battle in the Pacific. His name was Ismael "smiley" Villegas, of Casa Blanca, Califas, a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor winner. Clearly the white-ass imperialist, colonialist perspective is a sick one, and the origin of many social ills. Un fuerte abrazo.

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