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02 February 2011


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Some turned up in closets. Others in long forgotten storage rooms. After their discovery, each print’s individual quality had to be established. Some were in better shape than others. The restoration experts then copied, re-colored, re-printed and pieced together a movie from the various parts. The first Gutierrez film to receive the treatment was Please Don’t Bury Me Alive, next was his second film Amor Chicano es para siempre, and now, newly restored for its Texas premiere at CineFestival, the last of his films, Run Tecato Run, a story about a Chicano heroin addict trying to go straight. But in typical Gutierrez fashion, the addict is a discharged Vietnam veteran, haunted by the killings he had to do in the war, who picked up the drug habit while serving his country.

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Dude, what is up with the comments? Are the bots getting past the captcha tests?

You made me salivate! Gotta see this!!!!

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haven't seen some of these scenes! let us show it please.

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