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08 October 2008



This made me cry. There needs to be more white people that publicly decree like this.


Personally, I don't give one care to a person's skin pigmentation. If they can do the job, then they're qualified.

I simply don't like Obama's politics, policies, or personality.

Or the cult that worships it.

What's terribly biased about this AP story is what's not said: Black folks voting for Obama because he is Black, and unlike those white faces on our money.

Both formulas are built on prejudice & bigotry.

Yet, one angle is explored (white race idiots) because it is 'acceptable' media sensationalism, but the other side of the same coin (black race idiots) is left unmentioned, as if the problem only travels on a one way street.

Same as it ever was, indeed.

Compounding this media m@sturb@tion is ignoring the long standing racial squabbles between Hispanics and Blacks that is rarely, if ever, discussed outside their respective cultural communities.

Ah. The good ol' pandering AP.

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